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Uryuu Minene here. I'm the Ninth Future Diary Holder, also known as the Escape Diary. I'm known as a Terrorist but no need to worry about that. I'm trapped in this damn place called Hope's Peak as a SHSL Nurse. What's going on with you?
P.S. I'm staying in room 150.
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Escape Diary
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He felt a twinge of irritation at her grin. Was it really so difficult to use the Student ID? At this rate, it would be better to change his title to ‘Super High School Level Tour Guide’. Squall’s lips twisted into a deep scowl, and he heaved a sigh. 


"Fine, but a word of advice… you’d better get used to this place soon." Hope’s Peak Academy was dangerous. Knowing the layout of the school could mean the difference between life and death for this girl. Without a further word he crammed his hands into his pockets and took off in the direction of the cafeteria. If Minene wanted him to guide her around, she’d better keep up.

Minene wasn’t missing a step, noticing his irritation towards her.  Sheesh, she only asked for a tour.  Being a Super High School Level Terrorist, it’s better if she memorized it without needing a map or making one of her own.  She made sure she wouldn’t fall behind, keeping at Squall’s pace.  She noted the area around her.

The first floor doesn’t seem hard to navigate around.

"So, let me ask you, how long have you been here?"

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despair!! ✿ [intro/open]


"M… Minene… thank you for offering to help me…!  I’m sorry for making a mess, I’m usually not so clumsy, I-I swear…!"


She paused, nervously taking the donut and managing a small smile, though she was still visibly upset.  A school of mutual killing, along with the loss of one of her teammates… this just wasn’t her day at all!

At least she was lucky enough to find someone that was kind.  Or… could this be a potential killer?  Oh, no, she didn’t want to start doubting anyone!  She sniffled once more, before taking a deep breath.

"O… Okay…!  She can’t be too far away… I’ve been trying to retrace my steps… I’m wondering if her ball is in the lobby…?  Should we check there?"

"Yeah.  Retracing your steps is always the best thing to do!"  Minene smirked.  This should be easy to find maybe, or maybe not, but she didn’t want the girl to cry again.  "Let’s head back to the lobby to find to check. Keep an eye on the way.  We might find it."

Like this if you wanna play BGO.

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"Anytime now…"


This is it.  Minene is gonna do this.  An idea no one had bothered doing. She’s gonna make a delivery service.  She decided if something would keep her occupied in the school, she could go ahead and make deliveries for people.  This could be delivering gifts to others, making food and delivering it to others, or picking up something from certain locations.  This could also help her devise a plan to intervene in case others decide to attempt to murder one another (or help her plan a murder, whichever comes first).

New MonoMessage~!

From: Minene Uryuu
To: All Students
Message:  I’m beginning a delivery service for all your needs, rather if it’s delivering food to you, sending gifts to one another, or picking up something from somewhere, I’ll be sure to do my job!  Leave a note at Room 150 or message me on my MonoMessenger for your delivery needs. 

Sent.  Now she waits for her first client.

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"… this hand-drawn map I made might help me better than the ID map."

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